Raj Prem To Provide Top Photos For Rolling Stones Photobook

Prem’s collection is of much renown in rock photography. Featuring iconic shots of the Stones, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and Bob Dylan among others, his passion has resulted in his locating the rarest and most captivating photos in the world. In order to make sure the best photos are accessible to the public, he also works with photographers – representing them, handling their collections and organizing showcases. A true legend, Prem and long-running collaborators San Francisco Art Exchange (SFAe) launched the world’s kick-off rock photography show in 1997, highlighting his belief that these photos are in fact fine art. He has worked with many photography greats, such as Gered Mankowitz, Robert Freeman, Michael Joseph, Iain Macmillan, Michael Cooper, Peter Webb, Jerry Schatzberg, Dominique Tarlê, and Terry O’Neill, along with Pattie Boyd. The legendary music reporter holds a special spot in his heart for the Rolling Stones, even now. Photos such as the ones of the Stones’ 1965 US tour shown at that initial showcase and those within “The Decca Years”, an event which depicted the Rolling Stones path from chart toppers to leaders of the counter culture movement, have stunned crowds and were procured largely because of Prem’s insistence. A read of Keith Richards’ best-selling autobiography Life will highlight many photos credited to ‘the Raj Prem collection’.

Read more: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/raj-prem-and-pattie-boyd-showcase-photographs-of-george-harrison-and-eric-clapton-at-sfae-2015-04-02

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