Raj Prem Excited About Stones Photos Released Via eBay

The 200 images are part of 3,500 unseen photos from Bob Bonis, U.S. tour manager of the Beatles and Rolling Stones from 1964 thru 1966. The shots were privately held through Bonis’ life and stayed undiscovered in his basement following his death in 1992. Five years ago, the photos gained attention when Bob’s son, Alex Bonis, began to roll out 10 pictures per month over a two year span. Made public through eBay’s art and collectibles store, the price points are $175 for 11 by 14 inch prints all the way up to $625 or more for 20 by 24 inch prints. They are bought first-come-first-serve instead of through an auction, and 10% of the proceeds benefit the Grammy Foundation, the Grammy Museum, or other renowned organizations. The Grammy Museum has volunteered to provide a certificate of authenticity with each limited-edition print, a move that Raj Prem celebrates as it will increase the value of the pictures and make them worth more than their selling cost.

Learn more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fzbp15K43U8

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