Raj Prem Is Delighted To Represent Peter Webb And His Undiscovered “Sticky Fingers” At SFAE

Raj Prem, the internationally celebrated curator and collector recognized for his photography exhibition presenting rock legends from the ‘60s and ‘70s, is pleased to represent Peter Webb and his unseen “Sticky Fingers” Photos at SFAE. The photos were discovered four decades after being lost in the loft of Peter Webb’s brother-in-law, and they have emerged in recent issues of Rolling Stone and Wall Street Journal. They were first exhibited by Prem in the SFAE “Decca Years” exhibition seven years ago, which he co-produced. The San Francisco Art Exchange, better known as SFAE, was the first gallery in the world to show music photography genre, and is perhaps the most successful channel for celebrity photography. To date, Raj Prem and SFAE have curated over 40 exhibitions in over 18 years, working with photographers including Robert Freeman (“Beatles for Sale” exhibition in 2013), Iain MacMillan (best-selling Abbey Road Collection), Terry O’Neill, and Pattie Boyd.

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Raj Prem – Showcases Peter Webb’s ‘Sticky Fingers’ Photos At SFAE

The exhibition shows a coherent collection of group and solo shots in both black and white and color, up against the purpose-built backdrop constructed by Webb at his North London Studio. One popular photo includes “Stones Rollin’,” which was a pre-cursor to Peter Webb’s infamous ‘Falling Stones’ photo. The image was voted one of the top 100 Rock and Roll photographs of all time by Q Magazine and will stand on the front cover of a book with the same name — a limited edition volume made up of the same photographs shown in the exhibition. Another legend is “The Big Yawn,” a photo in which Mick’s huge mouth is wide open, while Bill Wyman scratches his nose. Because of Raj Prem, SFAE is an exclusive outlet for Peter Webb’s photos in the US.

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Raj Prem Continues Tradition Of Legendary SFAE Showcases

“When something’s gone it’s just gone, you know. But we’re not talking missing for a year or two, we’re talking 38 years. After they’d been found I walked around with this huge smile on my face for days,” Webb reportedly said to Snap Galleries. He also noted that, photographing The Stones “as they were” at that precise moment in time, free from any overriding “concept” was the greatest idea he had, believes Raj Prem.

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Raj Prem On SFAE And Standing In For Peter Webb

The San Francisco Art Exchange, known commonly as SFAE, was the first in the world to display music photos, and is probably the most successful amongst celebrity photography. Previously, Raj Prem and SFAE have held over 40 exhibitions in over 18 years, hosting work from photographers such as Robert Freeman (“Beatles for Sale” exhibition in 2013), Iain MacMillan (renowned Abbey Road Collection), Terry O’Neill, and Pattie Boyd. Doing business with SFAE’s directors and owners Theron Kabrich and Jim Hartley, the “eminence grise” of SFAE in Prem’s opinion and the unsung genius of the business, Raj Prem has become the glue holding the top photographs of the ‘60s- ‘70s era together. “Sticky Fingers: The Lost Session – Photographs by Peter Webb” is an inspiring show that contains the entire surviving archive of Peter Webb’s 1971 photo shoot with The Rolling Stones for the “Sticky Fingers” album. Over two-thirds of the shots have never been seen by the public, making the exhibition very popular among Stones fans and art connoisseurs. In the wake of the Stones ‘ Sticky Fingers’ US tour, more work at SFAE is being discussed, with Webb’s archive presently on display as a permanent fixture.

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